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The Forgotten Sales Channel Part 1 – Book distribution for self-publishers

[Originally posted on Part One sets the scene for the current bookselling landscape in Australia and why a book distributor is important and Part 2 will look in more detail distribution at options for Australian indie publishers] Bookshops are still a powerful channel for discovery and sales As any regular reader of Digireado will know, […]

Self-publishing Part 9: Justifying the Humble Paragraph

Spare a thought for the humble paragraph, the unappreciated middle-child of book structure. While authors lavish attention upon each sentence and fuss over chapter headings and cliff-hangers, the paragraph is often just an afterthought—a bite-sized chunk of text defined by line breaks. But far from being a simple convenience for the reader, paragraphs are essential […]

Great podcast episode from the Creative Penn for self-published authors

A lot of first time authors are opting to self-publish digitally rather than go through the traditional print process. In fact, the number of writers taking up the opportunity has created an entirely new market in self-publishing services, as I’ve often discussed. With so many people offering their opinions and recipes for success, it can […]

Your Author Website Design Considerations

If you have followed my free book marketing course “REVEALED: How to Market Your Self-Published Book Online” you will know that I advocate creating a strong online presence in order to get yourself and your books found by potential readers. Many publishers are asking their authors to build an author platform, which is a posh way […]

How to Market Your Self-Published Book Online

Hello and welcome, it’s good to have you here. My name is Greg Spence and I am an author, speaker, internet marketing strategist and mentor. So what do I do? I help authors who are self-published to sell more of their books, so if you are a self-published author and you are looking at ways […]